Episode 14 - Weights and Measures - Austral 20 Mark 2

I trust the following data will assist anyone who is considering buying a trailer sailer, but might not be sure of how big and heavy it might be, particularly with respect to whether it can be towed by the family car and parked in the driveway at home.
The following have been copied from the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule (which provides an indication of how fast the boat is) and the Austral 20 Brochures in John Crawford's Library
Dimension Value
Class based handicap (CBH) 0.650
Length overall (LOA) 6.09m
Beam 2.38m
Max draft 1.52m
Min draft 0.30m
Advertised displacement (compare displacement below) 862kg
Jib 8.36m2
Main 8.73m2
Genoa 14.50m2
Spinnaker 33.45m2
Advertised price 1977, boat $6737
Advertised price 1977, trailer $645
The following have been measured from my boat. The numbers for my boat may differ from yours. I've published these numbers in good faith, and accept no responsibility for what you may use them for.
Part Item Weight (kg) Notes
Trailer Wheel and tyre 21 Two per trailer
Trailer Tow-away trailer and frame 376 Kessner single axle tilt trailer. Weighed on weigh bridge 22-06-2017
Boat Keel 211 Cast steel keel. Major dimensions = 1620 x 455 x 37mm.
Boat Mast 31 Major dimension = 7710mm
Boat Mast spreaders Included in mast Major dimension = 680mm
Boat House battery 9 Small battery 27AH
Boat Rudder 9 Fibre-glass construction
Boat Tiller 1 Solid timber
Boat Bow anchor 6 Danforth galvanised steel
Boat Bow anchor chain and rode 7 Galvanised steel chain and nylon rode
Boat Stern anchor 2 Galvanised steel grappling anchor
Boat Outboard motor 29 Yamaha 6HP 2 stroke long leg
Boat Bow mast holder 2 Pine timber
Boat Stern mast holder 2 Pine timber, galvanised steel and roller
Boat Genoa 2 Wire luff
Boat Jib 1 Dacron with wire luff
Boat Spinnaker and bag 1
Boat Storm jib 1
Boat Mainsail and boom 10 Boom length = 2400mm. Roller reef and slab reef
Boat Spinnaker pole 1 Aluminium tube
Boat Fenders x 4 3
Boat Floor boards 14
Boat Interior cushions 18
Boat Big fuel bowser 15 Including petrol. Connected to outboard
Boat Small fuel bowser 5 Including petrol. 10 litre backup
Boat Timber step and builder's tub 11 Normally left at home for engine flushing
Boat Lifejackets x 4 3
Boat Mast support post 4
Boat Tools and first aid kit 4
Boat Miscellaneous ropes and lines 7
Boat Grab box 2
Boat Fire extinguisher 1
Boat Tie-down strap 1
Boat Hull and all fixtures 683 Every 'boat' item not included above. Estimated from balance of weights
Boat Displacement (Sail-away weight) 1095 Estimated from balance of weights
Total Trailer and boat tow-away weight 1471 Weighed on weigh bridge 02-01-2018
According to the numbers, the boat appears to have taken on weight from its youth in 1977 to middle age in the present day, increasing its displacement by 233kg from 862kg (as advertised) to 1095kg. Who said that boats were not like their owners?


  1. Hi Martin
    Enjoying reading your blog. I too am from the UK and are now in SA . I have just bought an Austral 20 but am struggling to raise the mast. Any suggestions? According to your numbers it only weighs 31 kg but mine also has a furling rig attached so it is a bit heavier.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for you comment. Sorry not to reply earlier. Hopefully, my latest entry will help you out. http://theboattinkerer.blogspot.com/2018/06/episode-18-pole-son-of-pole-and-twin.html

  2. Hi both Martin and Bob. I too was born in England (I'll never say UK) and I'm in Adelaide. I have recently been possessed of an Austral 20, sail number 47.I'm having trouble finding out much about them. My club (Garden Island Yacht Club) has three Australs but one really knowledgeable owner has recently passed away and the other is owned by a newbie. Cheers Martin (yes another one)

    1. Hi Martin, one of the reasons for this blog is that I found the information is difficult to find. There are no equivalents of the "Haynes Manuals". Further, each boat is different, even if they are the same make and type. Anyway, I hope you find something useful here.

  3. Hi Martin,
    I know this is an old post. However I have just bought an Austral 20, which I hope will rest next door ( small boat club).
    As you know, there is little info on boats, and old boat in particular. I am aware that the old boats had a rather poor rudder action. I am not sure if mine is one of them. I am in the process of a refit, and hence have yet to trial it. Mine is a 1981 made. Do you know if this is a MK1 or Mk2. If the earlier, I will have to copy a later design, but I am jumping the gun now....

    1. Hi Sealice
      Looks like these boats are still very popular and circulating here in SA. I don't have one yet, but am considering. Do you still have yours? Would it be possible to meet up and discuss at some point?

  4. Hi Sealice, I've had trouble posting replies to comments. We have corresponded on SeaBreeze, so I know you have answers to some of your questions. My best guess is that yours is a Mark 1. The Mark 2 has all the ballast in the keel (no fixed ballast in the hull) and the Mark 3 has a pop top.

  5. I have just bought an Austral 20, built 1981. Very well fitted out, galley etc. I plan on racing the boat at Port MacDonnell and need to know the size of the genoa, luff, foot and leech. I do not think it has ever been raced, it has a spinnaker but very light on fittings!


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